• Tools and supplies for installation (i.e. getting ready for the day)
    • Knocking on the door (what to say when resident answers)
      • Alarm installation and placement
        • Communicating with residents (alarm maintenance, escape plan, etc.)
          • Recording data about your home visit
          Read about the Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office training program. Learn about this and other programs and partnerships on the Vision 20/20 website.

          Entering People’s Homes

          firefighter enters hommeOne of the most important aspects of this program involves the installers spending time in people’s homes as they install the alarms, explain how to use them, identify obvious fire risks and educate people about fire prevention. Installers may spend additional time when working with people in rural areas or older adults who may have less contact with people. Yet entering and remaining in someone’s home can involve unexpected issues.

          measure smoke alarm

          U.S. Fire Administration

          Preparing installers for unusual circumstances should be part of their training, so they can react professionally. Some circumstances may be due to differences in attitudes and lifestyles. Many of the people you serve with this program may live in poor neighborhoods or homes needing repair. Some may have no heat or air conditioning. Others may have poor lighting, insect control problems or lots of clutter. Some circumstances may be, or may appear to be dangerous. If home visit team members believe they are at risk for injury, they should not enter the home.